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Title Announcement: Falling For The Nanny

He needed a nanny for his nephew...He didn't expect to find the woman of his dreams.

Hey Friend!

I'm super excited to share the title of my first Holiday Romance novel with you.It's

Falling For The Nanny.

Billionaire bachelor, Darius Peyton's in over his head. He's the sole guardian of his four-year-old nephew and he's facing overwhelming demands from his company. Hiring a nanny to help him through the holidays seemed like a no-brainer. He didn't plan for the chemistry between them, however.

Hope Martinez is single - and lonely - by choice. She'd rather hold out for a relationship with promise than settle for less. She accepts the job of temporary nanny to one of her favorite students because it gives her something to pass the time until the new school year starts. But being in close proximity with her charge's sexy uncle quickly reminds her of what's missing in her life.

Will they let go of their past wounds to accept this season's gift? Or will they allow their Happily Ever After to slip by.

If you like steamy, emotional romances set around the Christmas holidays, you'll love Kay Knolls' new romance: Falling For The Nanny.

Falling For The Nanny releases on September 20th. It's available now for pre-sale at a discounted price.

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